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Investors have the opportunity to diversify their portfolios by accessing a new asset class - short-term financing for high-growth technology companies.
in the subscription
market capitalization
by 2025

Subscriptions as an asset class

Subscriptions create a long-term stream of income for companies. Their regularity and predictability allow us to turn them into fantastic financial assets. You can purchase them at a lower cost than their future cash flow predictions.

Levenue enables investors to buy subscriptions' future cash flows at a discount.

We rethink the way you
support founders


Invest in entrepreneurs

By purchasing their future cash flows for immediate capital on the Levenue marketplace.

Buy at market value

Our platform lets the return on your investment be decided by market demand and offer.

Lower your risk without affecting your returns by


Levenue is opening up its platform to new investors

Up until now, our marketplace was exclusively open to institutional investors. Levenue opened its platform for private investors and the possibility to co-invest in deals.

Levenue is now allowing individual investors, or angels, to group together and co-invest in deals. By pooling resources, angels can share both risk and return.
€50,000.00 total invested

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